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Dog Walking

 Just because you’re stuck inside doesn’t mean your dog has to be. Because we’re devoted to providing the best possible service, your dog will be paired up with the same walker every day. Your dedicated walker will pick up your dog and take him out for a private one-on-one walk. 

You’ll get a detailed daily report of the time they spent together so you can keep tabs on all the fun you missed while at work.

  • 20-minute walk – $15 ($5 per additional dog)
    A quick relief walk that provides for 15 minutes of outside walking time and 5 minutes of play time.
  • 40-minute walk – $20 ($5 per additional dog)
    A nice little walk for exercise and relief that will keep your dog satisfied until you get home.
  • 60-minute walk – $27.50 ($5 per additional dog)
    The supersized option, guaranteed to keep the most energetic dog happy and fit.


What with all this dog talk, we must not neglect the felines! Ventura Pet Care cat sitters are a special breed of feline lovers well versed in caring for shy cats, bossy cats, and everything in between. We’ll give your kitties fresh food and water and check on them to make sure they’re healthy and happy. Plus, you’ll get a full progress report so you can find out whether kitty was naughty or nice while you were away.

  • 15-minute visit – $10 ($3 per additional cat)
    Basic feeding and play time.
  • 30-minute visit – $17.50 ($3 per additional cat)
    The deluxe option, which includes kitty playtime, plant watering, bringing in the mail, and taking out the trash.
  • 45-minute visit – $22.50 ($3 per additional cat)
    An extended visit that’ll give your cat the opportunity for more purr time.



  • Get peace of mind when you travel away from home by leaving your pet in the caring hands of Ventura Pet Care.
  • Unlike kennels- where animals may be confined to cages and exposed to potential health risks-private boarding gives your pet full run of a pet-friendly home plus plenty of TLC. Because our pet sitters care for only one animal at a time (or a maximum of two dogs from a single household), your pet will be showered with one-on-one attention. You’ll even receive daily email or text updates on your pet’s status!
  • Inquire about a no-cost g"meet and greet," which allows you to meet your pet sitter and see where your pet will be staying. 
  • *****  Holidays are busy times, so please book as far in advance as possible.
  • Boarding in our home:  $50/night
    $15 additional for a second dog
  • Overnight sitting in your home: $55/night